2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Hamsah Nasirildeen


Today we are looking at Hamsah Nasirildeen, an athletic 6’4″ 220-lb safety from Florida State University. Nasirildeen shined in 2019, as he was named Second Team All-ACC despite suffering a torn ACL against Florida. His injury kept him off the field for almost a year, and he was only able to play two games in 2020 upon returning. He has accepted his Senior Bowl invite.

Strengths: Nasirildeen is a 6’4” athletic phenom, possessing remarkable movement skills for his size. This gives him good man coverage ability, in which he possesses a solid jam at the line of scrimmage and a decent mirror with the athleticism to match a slot receiver step for step. He also disrupts the catch point very well, utilizing his length in this department. Nasirildeen plays with a violent temperament, which is seen in multiple ways. He is a fast, aggressive, blitzer with high potential in this area if he pairs these traits with improved pass rush technique. He is a very hard hitter, with hits so heavy that they pose a real threat to jar the ball loose and force fumbles. Additionally, Nasirildeen’s urgent playstyle means he is quick to come downhill and is always looking to get to the football to make a play, combining his high motor with his closing burst very well. Nasirildeen displays a good ability of identifying run fits and possesses high-level instincts. He is adept at shedding blocks in the run game, unlike many safeties in this draft class. Versatility is highly valued in today’s NFL, and Nasirildeen has lined up deep and in the slot. Upon returning late in the 2020 season from a torn ACL suffered in 2019, Nasirildeen’s athleticism did not seem to take a hit. 

Weaknesses: Given that he was sidelined for almost a full year following his knee injury, and he could only play two games in the 2020 season, teams will certainly push Nasirildeen down the draft board for medical reasons, having only seen a very small (albeit encouraging) sample size of his play following his injury. Nasirildeen is an inconsistent tackler, often opting for a shoestring or body tackle rather than wrapping up the opponent on a consistent basis. In coverage, and particularly in zone, Nasirildeen can be caught staring into the backfield for too long and lacking decisiveness. He can also be baited by the quarterback and forced to overcommit. Despite possessing good explosiveness and short-area quickness, Nasirildeen’s long speed is average, which could be an issue against speedy field-stretching slot receivers in the NFL. 

Bottom Line: Nasirildeen is a risky selection for multiple reasons (medicals, inconsistencies in tackling and eye discipline), but I believe he belongs in the conversation of one the best at his position in a generally, uninspiring, 2021 safety class. It will be crucial for him to show he is fully recovered from his injury at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine, and his performances in these parts of the draft process could positively or negatively impact my grade on him given his small post-injury sample size. If he truly is back to his pre-injury play and athleticism, he possesses very high upside and can become a good safety in this league if he polishes his game and fixes his afore-mentioned inconsistencies. 

Draft Projection: Day 2

Kosta’s Unofficial Grade: 2.7

If you’re not familiar with the grading scale Alex Greb and I use at Bold Take Scouting, a 2.7 indicates my belief that the player is worthy of being selected in the mid-late second round. For a full explanation of the grading scale (and many more scouting reports), go to @boldtakescouting on Instagram!


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