Walt Stringer’s TOP 10 Prospects For 2021// 10 – 6


With everything still up in the air currently regarding the NFL & College Football Seasons one thing is for sure the Draft will and must go on. What type of visual evidence prospects will have for 2020 is another story. A shortened, or eliminated season all together could have damaging repercussions for all prospects, and possibly cost a few NFL GM’s their livelihood. The potential 2020 Class is loaded at the top with some cornerstone type players who are underclassman, but draft eligible, and a heavy amount of plug-in-play Seniors who will definitely make an impact on Sunday’s. In this 2 Part Article let’s take a look at my TOP 10 Players for this upcoming draft starting with prospects 10 – 6.


  1. Trey Lance QB/Soph, NDSU

Solid size, excellent mobility, and an electrifying arm. Manipulates  the pocket well to buy time and make big plays downfield. Displays nice touch on deep routes, and seems to do a solid job of executing a great and proven scheme in the Bison program. In 2019 Lance accounted for 42 tds 28 through the air, and another 14 on the ground all while throwing zero interceptions, and leading the Bison to an undefeated record and a Division 1-A  Subdivision Championship. April is a long time away, but another monster season like 2019 from Lance could give some NFL GM’s a lot to ponder who are picking in the top 5.


  1. Ja’Marr Chase WR/Jr. LSU

6’1 200, with strong powerful hands, and the ability to turn into a running back as soon as the ball touches his hands. Very good route runner that gets to the 3rd level of the defense in a scary second despite not possessing elite top end speed. Runs through, and around  defenders, and did a great job for himself on the National Stage last January with a massive output where he tallied 9 catches for 221 yds, and 2 tds doing a decent amount of that damage against AJ. Terrell of Clemson who was the 16th Pick in this past April’s draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Chase put up some eye popping numbers in his Biletnikoff season with 20 tds for 1,780 yds at a clip of 21.2 yds per catch.


  1. Patrick Surtain II CB/Jr. Alabama

Tall, long, athletic corner that is still just scraping the surface of what his canvas could possibly become. Has made tremendous strides in man coverage and bump in run since he first stepped foot on campus, and has all the physical traits to match up with bigger receivers paired with outstanding ball skills. Mr. Surtain is the son of former NFL Pro Bowler Patrick Surtain I, and undoubtedly has been schooled by some of the best along the way. Surtain has been on NFL radars since his training wheels came off it seems, and all everyone looks to be waiting on is the 40 yd dash in Indy before they possibly lock him into CB #1.


  1. Jevon Holland SS/Jr. Oregon

Very impactful and alert player! Always around the smoke, dependable hands, excels in man coverage, and won’t think twice about sniffing around the line of scrimmage. A headache on the backend that must be accounted for on every snap. Holland is an outstanding prospect, and Top 10 talent in my estimation that could see himself fall further than he should just based on his position, and lack of respect it gets high in the 1st Round, but make no mistake about it Jevon Holland is legit, and with a solid final showing in 2020 could win over some war rooms and get himself taken where he probably should. Earlier than Later!


  1. Shaun Wade CB/Jr. Ohio State

Throwback! Aggressive! Physical! Plays the football! Not too many things Shaun Wade doesn’t do well. He consistently comes up in run support not just to “support” but to actually be the one to stop the play which is a requirement for any young man looking to play corner at Ohio State. Very patient in Zone, fluid & smooth in Man, and displays sharp awareness. Currently i have Shaun Wade as the #1 Cornerback prospect for 2020 based on all these traits. Without a doubt he is the most complete pro ready corner in this class so far with a long way to go in the evaluation process, but with the success of former Buckeyes Denzel Ward, Marshon Lattimore, and most recently Jeff Okudah i see no reason why Wade won’t have the same type of high 1st round fortunes.   

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