1.JOSH ALLEN / BILLS: In just 2 rapid seasons the 6’5 238lb gunslinger has managed to win over a fanbase that has endured astronomical levels of football heartache. Try appearing in 4 straight Super Bowls only to fly home empty handed, and a few years later seeing the greatest QB in franchise history retire followed by 22 years of inadequacy at the position. Well while he is far from flawless, or a finished product Josh definitely has the physical tools, and toughness to breakthrough. His size and mobility are currently his bread & butter at this early stage of his career, but he surely has the arm strength to force defenses to stay honest and defend every blade of grass. Physical tough runner that looks for contact, and extra yards sometimes to his own detriment. Josh now has a history of shoulder/clavicle issues going back to Highschool, then again in College, and now its a couple concussions, and an elbow injury in 2 years at the Pro level. Frankly the Buffalo Bills are ready to contend now, and just need Josh to clean up a few things before their window possibly closes. Respect his body 1st and foremost! Stop seeking out unnecessary contact, and work his tail off at the little things. His completion percentage is the elephant in the room that prevents me from going all in on him. In his first 2 seasons he has struggled strangely to crack 60% in completions despite playing in an offense that’s predicated on chewing up everything underneath and within 15yds. 52.8 in 2018 & 58.8 in 2019 are what’s holding up the development of this Bills squad. If he can up his game to around 65 now we’re talking about a QB that’s gonna be impossible to defend.
2.JARRETT STIDHAM / PATRIOTS: Out of the 4 starting Qb’s in the AFC EAST Stidham is actually in the most stable, and prepared for anything organization. He has an elite Defense to lean on along with the greatest mind in football in his ear piece every sunday. Lost in the sauce of what people say he can’t do is a guy who can absolutely spin the football, and when protected can put the ball on the numbers 15-25yds. Past 30yds downfield his accuracy gets kinda sketchy especially on deep adjustment throws. Bottom line Stidham has enough in his toolbox to fit into what Belichick wants out of the position for this season, we just have zero proof if whether or not he has the instincts and cutthroat decision making to make a 3 or 4 win difference?
3.SAM DARNOLD / JETS: Where do we start other than a collective sigh…Personally i have never been the biggest supporter of Sam Darnold going back to USC, and the entire draft process, but he does have some traits to like and build around if he’s willing to fix the poor decision making and erratic pocket awareness that was put on surround sound for the entire football world one monday night against the Patriots last season. I’m not faulting Sam for seeing ghosts because i understand exactly what he was trying to state, but he has had too many ghost sightings against other opponents as well. You combine the 2nd year issues with a coach, and organization that has done nothing to ease his development, and you have all the ingredients of a QB destined for a career of multiple head coaches/offensive coordinators/ and GMs unless something drastically changes in New York, or he finds a way out.
4.RYAN FITZPATRICK / DOLPHINS: “Fitz Magic” is still at the Helm for Head Coach Brian Flores for the time being, but everyone knows Tua Tagovailoa lurks in the shadows just one Fitzpatrick throw into triple coverage on 2nd & 4 away from completely caving in Hard Rock Stadium. Fitzpatrick has publicly made it known that he supports Tagovailoa, and is willing to help ease the learning curve of the 5th overall pick. If nothing more Fitzpatrick gives the Dolphins a solid, and dependable insurance policy that completely understands his role in the rebuild of the franchise. His guts and all or nothing style of quarterbacking makes for exciting Sundays and sometimes head pounding Mondays, but one thing is for sure the Dolphins are never far away from snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat with him under center. Who knows by early October this ranking could stand completely different with Tua’s name inserted over Fitzpatrick, but for now Ryan comes in as the 4th best QB in the AFC EAST.


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