Can All Four NFC West Teams Make It Into The Playoffs This Year?


Over the last few days, it seems like every article that is being wrote about the NFC West is about the chance that all four teams can make the playoffs in 2020 now that the wildcard rule is expanded. Some articles are saying yes, some are saying no, but what I am going to say is I think there is a low possibility but there is for sure a chance.

The 49ers were the best team in the division last year, obviously as they made it to the Superbowl, but even thought they lost some solid players in the off season, I feel that they added enough talent to stay competitive in 2020. So, lets slot them into the first slot of making the playoffs.

Next, we have the Seahawks, who are coming off an 11-5 record, which is good enough to lead a division in most years. Now if their Offensive Line can protect Russell Wilson and allow him to have an MVP type season like he did in 2019, I will give the first wild card spot to them.

Now here are where things get interesting, we have the Arizona Cardinals, who I believe are going to be the 3rd best team in the division in 2020. Kliff, Kyler, and Co. are coming into year 2 together which leads me to think the explosive offense in the desert is going to take it up a notch from last year. In the off season they added lots of solid Line Backers, and the best receiver in the game in DeAndre Hopkins. Like the Seahawks if their Offensive Line holds up, I could see them having a 9 or so win season and getting a wildcard spot.

Last but not least we have the LA Rams, who are two years removed from the Superbowl and are still a solid team. However, with that being said, I think they will be the worst in the division this year due to all the great players they lost in the off season. If they are capable getting to 9-7 again, than sure there is a chance that they will get the fourth and final wildcard spot, and answering the title question as a yes, but I still feel like its extremely unlikely.

In fact, I feel that it is unlikely that all 3 teams get wild card spots, but I believe that at least one team will get a wildcard spot, especially when you look at the talent across the NFC Conference. Ill start with the NFC East as I don’t think one of those teams will get a wildcard spot, the division is just to weak in my eyes. In the NFC North, I think the Packers will be the division winners, and the Vikings should have a wildcard spot if they have a 10-win season again in 2020, therefore that’s a second wildcard spot gone. Then you come to the loaded NFC South. I think the Bucs are going to win the division this year, but that still leaves us the Saints (finished 13-3 last year) and the Falcons (finished 7-9 last season). Most people are going to slot the Saints into that third wildcard spot, thus no room for the Rams or Cardinals.

Sure it would be neat if all 4 of the NFC West teams could be in the playoffs, but realistically when you factor in the Vikings, Saints, and possibly even the Falcons or Cowboys (to give the NFC East some love), I don’t think it is possible at all this year.


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