2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Trevor Lawrence


It sure seems funny to post a scouting report on Clemson’s 6’6″ 220 lb. quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the presumed number one pick who is very well-known to the public. But every player is worth analyzing and every player has room for improvement! Lawrence’s long list of accolades includes: CFP national champion (2018), 3x ACC Champion (2018-20), Heisman Trophy runner-up (2020), and ACC Player of the Year (2020).

Strengths: Lawrence has top-notch arm talent, showcasing a quick release, effortless zip, and plenty of arm strength. He throws a very accurate, catchable ball, particularly on short and intermediate throws. Lawrence throws with good timing and anticipation. He performs very well against heavy pass rush, showing high-level awareness of it, keeping his eyes downfield and delivering the ball accurately. At 6’6” and 220 lbs, Lawrence offers good size and combines it with admirable toughness, both against pass rush and as a runner. He is an extremely underrated athlete, showcasing elite speed for a QB to escape and pick up chunks of yardage with his legs. Mentally, Lawrence is very advanced for a college quarterback, possessing high-end intangibles. He reads the field well and is an excellent decision-maker, very rarely putting the ball in danger. Lawrence takes the sack if he needs to but does not take unnecessary ones. 

Weaknesses: My main knock on Lawrence is his deep ball accuracy, as he too often misses receivers going deep and needs to improve on this in the NFL to be an elite playmaker. On that same token, his accuracy while throwing on the run should also improve in order to maximize his athleticism and escapability. As a runner, Lawrence needs to learn how to slide and take less unnecessary hits. His ball security could also improve with a tighter grip on the ball. Lawrence can lock onto his first read at times. He shows an ability to go through his progressions but needs to do so more consistently. 

Bottom Line: Lawrence possesses elite physical tools and pairs them with high-level intangibles and good accuracy to make himself a surefire franchise quarterback. However, I do not believe Lawrence is the perfect prospect some (and particularly the media) present him as, although that should be no knock on him and should never be made the expectation. Lawrence will certainly be a good quarterback, but his ability to further develop his game, including with his accuracy while throwing on the run and especially throwing deep, will determine if he can become elite. 

Draft Projection: First overall pick

Draft Grade: 1.1 (early first-round pick)

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