2022 NFL Draft First Look: Kenyon Green


Today we are analyzing Kenyon Green, Texas A&M’s rock-solid 6’4″ 324 lb. offensive guard who is one of the safest prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft class. Green was a consensus All-American in 2020.

Strengths: Green possesses great size and power, making him a very physically intimidating presence in the trenches. Green is really stout at the point of attack, possessing a wide base that allows him to absorb contact from an incoming rusher without suffering knockback. He swallows smaller opponents and often controls bigger opponents as well, using his inside hand placement, grip strength, and length to latch onto a defender’s chest and sustain. When he latches, it is very rare to see him lose the rep. Green is a true mauler and does not hesitate to send defenders to the ground, making him an excellent run blocker who is fully capable of steering open lanes for his running back. Green excels in pass protection as well, keeping the action in front of him and using his hand technique and strength to neutralize pass rushing moves from the opponent. He is also a good athlete who is effective at pulling and comfortable in space. Green gets to the second level with ease and is surprisingly light on his feet. He also possesses the lateral agility to redirect and catch a second block in one rep. Green keeps his head on a swivel and is always looking for work, which goes along with the mean streak that can be found in his game, as he is a tenacious and determined blocker. He also offers some versatility, as he is capable of sliding into center if needed. Green has been battle-tested against some of the best teams in the nation and performed admirably against top competition, including a very good showing against Alabama in 2020. 

Weaknesses: Green does not have any glaring weaknesses, but there are a few areas of his game he can look to work on. He can lose his balance sometimes when his upper body gets ahead of his lower body. Though it is not often, sometimes his hand placement can be too wide, allowing the defender to get into his chest and drive him back a few yards. There are some instances where Green seems to lack understanding of his assignment, particularly when the line of scrimmage becomes very muddied and disordered, where it can look like he is unsure of what to do. 

Bottom Line: Prior to playing his last season of college football, Green already presents himself as one of the cleanest and safest prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft class. His combination of size, strength, athleticism, and technique make him a very well-rounded guard. Green is already solidly a first round talent, and if he further decreases the very few hiccups that can be seen in his game such as losing balance or misunderstanding an assignment occasionally, he has a real chance of going in the top half of the first round. 


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