2022 NFL Draft First Look: Kingsley Enagbare, EDGE, South Carolina


Kingsley Enagbare is a rising senior edge defender at the University of South Carolina. The talented edge rusher has seen an upward trend every year of his collegiate career in terms of total tackles and sacks. He also added two forced fumbles to his production in 2020. Enagbare will look to keep building on his repertoire during his senior season and help his draft stock.


Strengths: Enagbare fires his hands with good quickness and punch to free himself from a blocker and then pursue the ball. He uses this quickness to be a threat on the edge for offensive tackles, having enough speed to get around them. The edge rusher has a nice combination of quick hands and speed to get a blocker off of him and quickly pursue the play in front of him. When isolated with an offensive lineman, he can use his combination of quickness and fiery hands to turn the tackle into a turnstile. He is quick to the point of contact against offensive linemen, putting a lot of pressure on the offensive tackle to stay balanced and not let Enagbare use this quickness. He is very disciplined at the mesh point on read-option plays, allowing him to always have a good angle to the ball carrier or quarterback. Enagbare maintains an active motor to get through blockers to pursue the ball carrier or quarterback. 


Weaknesses: Enagbare’s pad level can get too high while engaged with a blocker, resulting in him getting stonewalled against stronger offensive linemen. When hesitating to rush because he is trying to read where the play is going, he needs to maintain a lower pad level rather than staying high. This will bring more force to make an impact on the play. He can get too casual in reading a play while engaged with a blocker, taking him out of the play. Enagbare is less effective on the interior than on the edge when matched up with stronger offensive linemen. On the interior, it is much harder to use his quick hands to get around an offensive lineman and to a vacant area to pursue the ball. 


Bottom Line: Enagbare shows good production and traits for an edge rusher. His strengths lie in the most important traits for an edge rusher: quick hands and speed on the edge. When used in that role, he should become a productive edge rusher in the NFL. Coaches in the NFL will minimize his weakness by not matching him up on the interior or in a crowd. Currently, I view Enagbare as a mid to early second-round pick. 


Edited By: Rupayan “Abs” Samanta.



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