Just in case you missed our article, click here to find out which four defensive players I (Zeke) believe should be on your radar in the NFC East. Remember, we are looking for players who are not rookies but are still on rookie contracts. The coming articles will break down why the four players were selected. For this article, we have our first special guest joining us today. Philip Smith, one of our many authors in the Scouting/Draft Reports Team here at EWFN, will be co-authoring this article with me. We want to remind our readers that we will be splitting our opinions between each other, using parentheses to differentiate between who is talking at what time. Whenever we have a collective thought, we will write “we”, otherwise it will be (Zeke) and (Philip) in parentheses so you can figure out whose perspective you are reading at any particular moment. With that, we go to the Washington Football Team and DE Chase Young.


Chase Young is a once-in-a-generation player, and I (Philip) believe that he will have a Julius Peppers-like impact on the WFT. He will wreck games all by himself, just like J.J. Watt in his prime. Young and honorable mention DE Montez Sweat have both said that they are trying to break the record of most combined sacks in a single season (39, by Minnesota Vikings teammates Chris Doleman and Keith Millard in 1989). He is coming in more healthy than he was last year, as he was playing through a groin injury for most of the year. Despite all that, he still managed to put up scary defensive numbers: 44 combined tackles, 7.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries, 10 TFLs, and a TD in 15 games (all starts). Just imagine what more he can do when he’s fully healthy!

Young has been working on his technical skills, which is going to be very scary for offensive tackles. In the first preseason game against the New England Patriots, he displayed a glimpse of using his hands to gain leverage on the inside shoulder against Patriots LT Isaiah Wynn. He was bending while switching his hands to sack QB Cam Newton in a dip-and-rip move that showcased his great hand speed. Offensive line scouting/development consultant Duane Samuel “Duke” Manyweather II had some praise for Young, which should mean that offensive linemen should watch out and take notice of what’s being said so they can better prepare themselves to counter what Young brings to the table. His athletic ability is already elite, as he possesses speed, power, and flexibility to maneuver away from offensive linemen easily. Combine these freakish traits with his pro toolbox of pass-rushing moves and this makes him a DPOY candidate in my (Philip) eyes.

Staying with the J.J. Watt theme from before, I (Zeke) believe that fans should be ready for the second coming (barring injury) in the form of Chase Young. After the departure of franchise player Mario Williams (in this case, Ryan Kerrigan), Watt went on to put career-high numbers in the stat book, and I believe that Young is on that same trajectory. Even though it’s just the preseason, he has proven that he comes ready to play every day. He has only been in the league for a year and his name is already recognizable. Year two in the same defense should make him even more comfortable with the system. As he grows, he will be able to hide schemes even better, which should just catapult his value up even further!

Honorable Mentions: S Kamren Curl, DE Montez Sweat.



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Edited By: Rupayan “Abs” Samanta.


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