After a 1–0 start, and currently leading the division, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to give out another contract extension. This time, it’s their 2018 fourth-round pick DE Josh Sweat (as reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter) who will add three years to his contract for $40M. Over half of the money will be guaranteed ($26.9M), and he can gain an additional $3M with incentives.

Once again, this is a team that has historically invested in their defensive line. It should not come as a surprise, as they locked up one of their offensive linemen just a week ago (LT Jordan Mailata). The fact that they have decided to extend him proves that his play has been worthy, especially when he’s coming off of a season where he was placed on the IR and the fact that he has only three career starts. The 24-year-old will be linked to Philadelphia until at least 2024.

Fans should not be too worried about the amount that was given over these two signings. The salary cap is expected to grow within the next few years, meaning that many teams would return to functioning normally post–COVID. If these predictions become true, then these two contracts would become steals! It should be noted that he was on our Eagles Honorable Mentions list when we did the Defensive Players on Rookie Contracts series.

This might spell doom for DE Derek Barnett, who was our original selection in that series. We will see if the Eagles decide to ride his contract out or trade him before the deadline. Yet again, a lower-round draft pick has outperformed the higher pick (much like Mailata beating out T Andre Dillard). They did so much better/just enough that they are the ones to earn that second contract before guys like Dillard or Barnett, which is very interesting. It’s interesting to note that both Barnett and Sweat came to Philadelphia via the QB Sam Bradford trade to Minnesota: the Vikings gave the Eagles a 2017 first-round pick (14th overall- Barnett) and a conditional 2018 fourth-round pick (130th overall- Sweat). As always, thank you for being a valued reader!



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