Just in case you missed our article, click here to find out which four offensive players I believe should be on your radar in the NFC East. Remember, we are looking for players who are not rookies but are still on their rookie contracts. The coming articles will break down why the four players were selected. With that, we begin with the Dallas Cowboys and WR Michael Gallup.


It is very easy for Gallup to go under the radar, especially in the offense that he is in. Some people may say that the Cowboys’ offense is overrated, whereas others believe there is some untapped potential. Either way, fans should not look at the Cowboys receiving core as WR1, WR2, and WR3. Instead, we should be looking at it as WR 1, WR 1A, and WR 1B; I am telling you that they are that good! I do not know if this trio will stay around for long but they will be around this season at least, barring any injury.

In Dallas’ receiving core, I believe that Gallup is the most underrated between himself, Amari Cooper, and CeeDee Lamb. He improved from year one to year two instead of having a sophomore slump, and he was not too far behind in his third year. Still, let’s remember that he had very bad QB play last season, at least for fan expectations. I fully see Gallup taking a step forward in this offense this coming year. It’ll be fun to see how this offense holds up now after getting QB Dak Prescott back healthy. Before the freak injury, Gallup was having decent numbers but, in my opinion, he could have been used better in this offense.

It is also important to remember that he is in a contract year, meaning that this could be his last opportunity to have career numbers before trying to cash in. We all know that players seem to play a little bit harder when they are in the last year of their contract. Let’s hope that this extra effort does happen and can add another boost to this offense. If needed, I am sure that other contracts can be moved around to assure that he stays as an integral part of this team. Even if, for some reason, Gallup was to have a down year, I still believe that he will be a part of this team and their plans.

Gallup has sure come a long way from being the third-round draft pick that he was. Unlike his receiving teammates who were selected in the first round, you cannot help but think that he will have a chip on his shoulder. Look for Gallup to go shoulder-to-shoulder with his teammates and be right up there with them. He is a physical and fast receiver who you can depend on.

Honorable Mentions: WR CeeDee Lamb, TE Dalton Schultz.



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Edited By: Rupayan “Abs” Samanta.


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