Just in case you missed our article, click here to find out which four offensive players I believe should be on your radar in the NFC East. Remember, we are looking for players who are not rookies but are still on their rookie contracts. The coming articles will break down why the four players were selected. With that, we go to the New York Giants and RB Saquon Barkley.


Barkley is a high-performance player who is coming back from a gruesome injury. Still, I believe that he is in contention for being the best player on the team and even Comeback Player of the Year by season’s end (since he only played in a handful of games last season). In a league that is QB-driven, this is no easy feat. He should be locked in and loaded for the beginning of the season.

Now, it is also important to consider what the New York Giants have done throughout the offseason. With new weapons on offense, such as WR Kenny Golladay and TE Kyle Rudolph, QB Daniel Jones should have a better year at the helm. This also means two different things for Barkley: 1. These new weapons should alleviate the percentages of the Giants focusing on the run. 2. With a more balanced offense, they will not be as predictable, which means that the defense would not be as zoned in on Barkley.

On the receiving end, he should also see a boost in statistics from last year. With this new-found support, he may have similar statistics to what he had during his rookie year, where he put up his highest totals (1307 yards rushing on 261 attempts, 5.0 yards/attempt, and 11 rushing TDs to add to 721 yards receiving on 91 receptions, 7.9 yards/reception, and 4 receiving TDs; that’s 2000+ yards from scrimmage!). It is important to remember, though, that QB Eli Manning was leading the team at that point. In Barkley’s second year, he had a rookie QB in Daniel Jones, which is when most of his numbers went down (1003 yards rushing on 217 attempts, 4.6 yards/attempt, and 6 rushing TDs to add to 438 yards receiving on 52 receptions, 8.4 yards/reception, and 2 receiving TDs). Of course, he did have career lows in almost all fields last year (34 yards rushing on 19 attempts, 1.8 yards/attempt, and 0 rushing TDs to add to 60 yards receiving on 6 receptions, 10.0 yards/reception, and 0 receiving TDs) but, again, it was only a limited amount of games (2) due to injury.

An area that we can hope to see him advance in is the pass protection part of the game. We all know that he can run and catch the ball when needed. If his pass protection can improve, he will only be helping his own game as well as the team, and I believe that he could see more snaps as a result of this.

All in all, I believe that Saquon Barkley will recover nicely from this injury. An ACL tear is not the big fear that it once was in the past, but this is doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be worrisome. Barkley has been such a standout player since he got to the NFL, and it is hard to remember that he is still on a rookie contract. He is a force of nature in every aspect of the game and will continue to be more impactful. He will remain his dominant self coming back from this injury and I wish him the best in the rest of his career!

Honorable Mentions: WR Darius Slayton, TE Evan Engram.



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Edited By: Rupayan “Abs” Samanta.


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