In this article, I will have the following expectations for players in this category: NFC East players on offense who are no longer in their first year in the NFL yet are still on their rookie contracts. I believe these players will stand out just a little bit more than the others, all for different and similar reasons. We will have a set of four players for the defensive side of things as well later on. Let’s get started then, shall we?


Dallas Cowboys: WR Michael Gallup

I could have easily gone with another one of his Cowboys teammates here (such as fellow WR CeeDee Lamb) but we will stick with Gallup. He will definitely have an improved season, now that they have better quarterback play with Dak Prescott being back. Gallup will look to take every opportunity that he can to shine in this high-power offense, especially since he is in a contract year. I believe that he is the most underrated of the three-headed WR core in Dallas, alongside Amari Cooper and Lamb, but he has improved year in and year out as a professional. That’s why I will expect that trend to continue.


New York Giants: RB Saquon Barkley

As much as people do not like to hear it, this is Barkley’s team. For obvious reasons, he now has a chip on his shoulder. Look for the RB to be in the running for Comeback Player of the Year by season’s end. With a new receiving threat on the outside, look for the pressure to ease off of Barkley and be more centered around the team. He will recover nicely from his injury, and I believe that most can see him still having a nice, productive career.


Washington Football Team: WR Terry McLaurin

Better QB, better numbers. It’s simple math, right? McLaurin has the chance to break out in year three, and he has already been improving in each of his first two seasons. On top of that, his new quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, has shown time and time again that he leans heavily on the WR1 of his roster. This is why we should look for McLaurin’s numbers to be higher this coming season.


Philadelphia Eagles: *UPDATE* RB Miles Sanders

Originally, we did have a defensive player here but, instead, we have decided to keep the offensive trend going and give the defensive players their own series. Here is another team where we could have gone with a different teammate. The obvious answer here, and one that most will have their eyes on, is QB Jalen Hurts, as he is now the starting QB for the Eagles. I believe that he will benefit a lot from the offensive changes. He now has a WR in DeVonta Smith, who should take some of the pressure off of him, as well as an upgrade (C Landon Dickerson) to the o-line, both coming from the draft. I really do have an eye for him this coming season. Combine that with better QB play and everybody should be able to play better. The best part is, although Smith is a rookie, he already has chemistry with his QB, as they played together in college. This should speed up the process and get Sanders going on the ground while defenses will be focused on stopping Philly through the air.


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