Scheme Fit: WR Amari Rodgers


Rodgers is a 5’9″ 211 pound wide receiver that possess speed, quickness and power to get yards after catches. Rodgers can be schemed and utilized as an all-purpose weapon in offenses with his ability to run out of the backfield and play the slot position. By playing the z position, it gives offensive coordinators an advantage to keep defenses honest.

The two offensive schemes that fit Rodgers’ talents the most come from the New Orleans Saints and the Washington Football Team. The Saints, with Sean Payton, have schemed plays for offensive playmakers such as: Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Taysom Hill (to name a few). Rodgers would open Sean Payton’s playbook even more with his receiving skills, speed, route running and physicality.

Scott Turner, the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team,  had a similar playmaker coming out of Memphis in Antonio Gibson, who played mostly wide receiver in college and was schemed as a playmaker with wildcat plays and runs out of the backfield. Gibson was drafted as a running back and put up 795 rushing yards, 11 touchdowns and 247 receiving yards his rookie year. Rodgers would give Washington even more playmaking ability with Terry McLaurin, Gibson, Logan Thomas and J.D Mckissic (who had 83 receptions at running back) in a promising offense. The Clemson product would bolster the receiving core in the slot and can be schemed in the backfield as well.

Overall, Rodgers can be utilized in the backfield with jet sweeps, toss plays, flats out the backfield and numerous routes ahead of the line of scrimmage. His speed, physical run style and size gives coaches another dimension on fully maximizing his skills and potential. Rodgers, as a receiver, will be primarily used in the slot and z positions as he is a deep threat option who is physical enough for intermediate routes in zones where he will make contestant catches.



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