2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Dyami Brown


Dyami Brown is a deep threat Wide Receiver from North Carolina. He broke out in 2019, when he first surpassed 1k yards receiving in a season. He is a dynamic playmaker who can be an intriguing WR2 prospect at the NFL level.

Strengths: Dyami Brown is a playmaker, with his biggest strength being his deep ball ability. He is a true deep threat, with a really good ability to get open down the field. Dyami Brown has a really nice release off the line and runs smooth routes. Brown displays a good ability to freeze the Defensive Back with his cuts and double moves, as well as being able to change up his speed in his routes. He displays a great ability to get up to his top speed quickly, and he is known to keep his foot on the gas pedal as he blazes down the field. Brown tracks the ball very well in the air, and he displays a good ability to adjust to the ball as well. While making the tough catches downfield, Brown shows good body control and balance to make sure his feet are in bounds as he secures the ball. He shows effort and willingness to block, which is always a welcome sight for a WR. Brown displays the traits to be a great downfield threat and WR2 in the NFL.

Weaknesses: Brown does have some limitations to his game, though. While he is great in deep threat situations, he runs a limited route tree and is often inconsistent with his routes in the short and intermediate game. Although Brown does display good deep speed, he lacks a second gear and can struggle after the catch, which is a little peculiar. He does show some shiftiness but it’s not enough to break many tackles. Brown also struggles with an occasional drop every now and then, which seems to occur due to him taking his eyes off the ball too early.

Bottom Line: Dyami Brown is, well, dynamic. He is a very good deep threat, and shows consistency when creating separation downfield due to his speed and ability to freeze or throw DBs off balance. He shows great athleticism, body control and balance. Although he does have some limitations in his short and intermediate route running, as well as not being great after the catch, he still has a skillset that I believe will make him a very good WR2 at the NFL level.

Grade: 2.8



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