We are going to take a look at Ohio State QB Justin Fields.  Originally, Fields was a Georgia Bulldog before transferring to Ohio State and winning the starting QB job.  Fields has excellent size for the position standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 228 lbs.  Fields will transfer best to the NFL in a spread vertical passing game offense.  Do you need proof?  Look at his tape from last year at Ohio State.  I watched Fields play in the following games against: FAU, Miami (OH), and Wisconsin.




The first two things that pop out is Fields athleticism and arm strength.  This truly embodies what Ohio State looks for in a QB, especially in today’s RPO filled game.  Additionally, Ohio State is vertical, down the field type passing game.  Fields averaged 13.75 yards per completion.  One of staples of the Ohio State passing game are the option routes.  In order to throw option routes successfully, it forces the QB and WR’s to be on the same page.  Additionally, the options within the route are based off of what coverage the DB is playing and his technique.  That being said, you can see his football IQ and ability to read the defense.  Lastly, Fields takes care of the football, with 41 TD passes compared to just 3 INT’s.  Two of which came in the playoff game against Clemson.




Some might argue that Fields is too quick to take off and run with the football when he feels even just a little pressure.  This could be due to being a first year starting college QB at a big time college.  In addition to that, Fields played his best games against bad teams and visibly struggled more against good teams.  Again, that could be due to being a first year starter.  It could be seen as a positive, because outside of the Clemson game, Fields never played a truly bad game.  Ohio State was still in position to win the game regardless of how poorly Fields played for the majority of the game.  Lastly, Fields doesn’t have a very quick throwing motion.  Generally, scouts and coaches like to see a quick throwing motion from their QB.


Bottom Line:


To conclude, Fields will without doubt be a first round pick in this years draft.  The talent is certainly there, and he is your modern NFL QB.  Look for him to be drafted early by a QB needy team.  Additionally, don’t be surprised if a team moves up to try and get Fields.  There are a plethora of QB’s in this year’s class we would expect to go in the first two rounds.  However, I can assure you with a great deal of confidence that Fields will more than likely be the second QB off of the board.

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