Mountain West Top 5 2021 Draft Prospects: Trey McBride


Finalizing my series of the Top 5 draft prospects in the Mountain West Conference for the 2021 NFL Draft (in no particular order), we have Trey McBride, sophomore Tight End out of Colorado State. Weighing in at 6’4″ 260 lbs, he is a versatile Tight End that really excels in the receiving game The film I watched to scout McBride was @New Mexico State (2019), @Utah State (2019), and @Arkansas (2019).


McBride is what I would call a dynamic Tight End as he is great as a receiver and as a blocker. He has solid hands and doesn’t seem to have issues making receptions, and once the ball is in his hands he will fight through tackles to get in open space where he can use his speed and stiff arm to finish a play and get into the End Zone. He can be lined up on any down all over the field as he is just as good at inline blocking as he is at being a lead blocker in space. He is an aggressive and competitive player who doesn’t stop blocking or working until after the whistle has blown.


McBride’s biggest weaknesses is his ability to separate against man coverage in short and intermediate routes. His lack of ability to do so come down to his quickness off the line and the lack of crispness in his routes. If he can improve his feet quickness, hand fighting and planting hard to get out of the top of his routes quicker he will be able to separate from man coverage better.

Bottom Line:

I think there is real potential for Trey McBride to become a future Top 5 Tight End in the NFL. He is versatile enough to be an asset in any type of offense as he is solid as a receiver and as a blocker, so he can fit in pass first or run first schemes. If he has a solid Junior season as a receiver and improves his route running, short area quickness and separation techniques I think he will shoot up draft boards. McBride was so good as a sophomore, that if he stays at CSU until the end of his senior year he could end up being a first round Tight End. I gave him a 6.5 prospect grade which is equivalent to a 3rd round pick.


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