2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Tylan Wallace


Wallace is one of the best/complete wide receivers in a deep and talented receiver class in 2021. He runs precise routes and has body control to adjust to passes in 50/50 situations and win. Wallace’s 5’11” 193 lb frame isn’t the most dominating measurable, but he plays big by out jumping defenders and lowering his shoulder for yards after catch. Wallace put up monster numbers his sophomore season in 2018 putting up 1,491 yards, 12 touchdowns while averaging 17.3 yards per catch. However, the next season he tore his ACL after producing 903 yards and eight touchdowns in nine games. In 2020, Wallace dialed in another productive season catching 59 passes for 922 yards and 6 touchdowns, with Covid-19 limiting games.

Athleticism Grade: 7.9

Wallace does not have elite speed, but he has speed to outrun defenders. His leaping ability and ball adjustment skills make him a threat in deep passes, lob passes in the end zone and 50/50 contestant catches. Wallace has strength to break tackles by running violent and lowering his shoulder for extra yards as well.

Hands/Pass Catching Grade: 8.7 Wallace has a radius to catch low, high, sideline and contestant catches with defenders covering him. He possess hand-eye coordination and ball adjustment skills to make difficult catches.

Release/Route Running Grade: 8.4 The young and athletic wide receiver runs precise routes and makes every route look the same to disguise routes. Wallace has the ability to make plays on top of the route and sink his hips to break for a reception in tight coverage.

Run After Catch/Ball Security Grade: 8.7

Wallace is a violent runner, who is constantly stiff-arming defenders and lowering his shoulder for extra yards. He gives 100 percent effort for extra yards, and his ball security is technically sound and secure as he never fumbled the ball in his four-year career at Oklahoma State.

Weakness: Blocking

He’s not the most violent blocker, but he gives great effort and makes correct blocks on assignment.

Overall: Wallace is a “z receiver” who can start day one with his skills translating to the pro level. His strong hands, route running, and ball adjust skills make him a quarterback-friendly option on crucial third-down situations. Wallace is a deep-threat with great leaping ability, good speed, and great coordination skills.

Player comparison: Pierre Garçon




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