Where Should Carson Wentz Go


The Philadelphia Eagles have benched Carson Wentz. That by no means the young quarterback who flashed star potential in Philly time is over. But it does allow questions into his future. If his backup, who is now the starter, plays well, then what? Does Carson Wentz come back year openly knowing that his backup can take his spot at any notice? Or does he bounce back and use it as motivation? So far through the year, it seems like the latter. Still, Wentz has shown MVP type play during his tenure. 


Cutting ties with Wentz next offseason wouldn’t be easy, the contract he signed last year. Philly’s only option there is to trade him to a willing suitor that thinks they can get him back to MVP form. If the Eagles move on from Wentz, there are two in particular that should acquire the quarterback. 


Indianapolis Colts 


Philip Rivers, the current starter of the Indianapolis Colts, is not the long-term answer at quarterback. Jacoby Brissett is the highest-paid backup in the league. The backup QB signed a year extension but seems set to move on. Trading for Wentz after this season could be a long-term move. Wentz’s yearly salary could fit under the Colts cap once Rivers and Brissett come off the salary cap. The Colts are in the playoff hunt with an 8-4 record, which would put them in the back end of the NFL Draft, preventing them from drafting a high-end prospect. Colts head coach Frank Reich coached Wentz in Philly during his best playing period. 


Colts general manager Chris Ballard has proved he is willing to be aggressive on the trade market. His move for big-money former 49ers defensive tackle DeForest Buckner has paid immediate dividends with a run-stopping and pass-rushing force for their front seven. Many of Wentz’s problems the last couple of years in Philadelphia were due to shaky line play, injuries, and inconsistent defense. With a ready-made defense, a great offensive line, and a solid coaching staff, Wentz could thrive under their culture.


New England Patriots


The New England Patriots will have another quarterback dilemma in the offseason. Yes, the Patriots are in the playoff hunt but, that’s more based on good coaching as the personnel is lacking. If the Patriots can win with Cam Newton and suspect talent, they could win with Wentz. The Patriots will be at full force next season after several players opted out due to Covid-19. With the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins coming of age, the Patriots have time to wait to see if Jarrett Stidham is the answer. Wentz could be a potential trade option. 


With the Patriots having a projected salary of roughly $67.7 million in cap space, they could fit Wentz under the cap while also having money left for free agents. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has played to Newton’s strengths, Wentz is a younger version of Newton. There’s a chance that Belichick sees Wentz as a usable game manager with a high ceiling and decides to take a shot on Wentz.



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